What do the universe and the human mind have in common?

You can find countless worlds in both of them, worlds full of adventures just waiting to be told by someone who likes to tell good stories. Well, this someone is me! Welcome, dear reader, to the English part of my German webpage. My name is Bernd Perplies, I live in Germany near Stuttgart and telling stories is my live since I learned how to use this old typewriter of my grandfather. About 20 years ago I began making a career out of this passion, first as a journalist and editor, then as a translator and finally 2008 as an author. More than 40 books I penned or co-penned have been published since then. Some of them even have been translated in English. You can find all about them on these pages.

Please look around and have fun!

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28. February 2020
Tor.com asked me to tell their readers "The Story of Two Germans Writing a Star Trek Trilogy" (that's me and Christian Humberg writing the "Star Trek Prometheus" books ;-) ). I gladly complied with the request. You can read my article here.

25. February 2020
Do you want to hear more? Then head over to soundcloud.com for an excerpt of the "Black Leviathan" audiobook, brilliantly read by Raphael Corkhill.

25. February 2020
Today Tor Books in the USA publishes the English translation of my novel "Der Drachenjäger". It is entitled "Black Leviathan" and it looks really awesome! I wish the novel all the best overseas. May it find many readers who will be well entertained by it.

18. February 2020
In a few days the translation of my novel "Der Drachenjäger" ("Black Leviathan") will be published in the USA. On the Tor/Forge Blog (and also on the German site Tor Online), I talked to my translator Lucy Van Cleef about translation issues in general and our personal experiences with the novel in particular.

5. February 2020
"Black Leviathan" has been selected as one of the "7 Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Books of February" by Kirkus Review.

5. November 2019
An excerpt of "Black Leviathan" was published on the Tor/Forge Blog. Meet Captain Adaron and his friends embarking on an adventurous journey to hunt the fearsome dragons of the Cloudmere.